Online Learning Modules Enabling Enterprise & Entrepreneurial Capabilities: 

The suite of online learning modules developed during The Edge Project aims to support the development of enterprise and entrepreneurial capabilities through work integrated learning experiences, such as projects or placements. It will help you to develop relevant skills and knowledge such as how to:

    • students can complete selected modules independently outside class
    • students individually complete selected modules in class
    • modules can be integrated in small chunks over the course of the semester
    • tutors can use the modules or elements and resources in the modules as a resource
      to inform class discussion or other tutorial activities.

    Identifying Opportunities

    IP (Principles)


    IP (Commercial)


    How to use the modules:

    To help students integrate their learning in the areas addressed by the modules, we recommend you incorporate discussions of the module content in class time.

    For example, students could be asked to bring to class a reflection on the most interesting or useful information, from their perspective, covered by the module. Then in small groups (4-6 people), they can share their reflections one at a time, explaining what they learned about the module topic.

    You may choose to integrate only one of the learning modules. The four learning modules can also be sequenced to fit the needs of your students and your learning context. Below is a list of things you could do to integrate these modules into your learning program: